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JavaScript Certification

The JavaScript Institute offers you a JavaScript certification program designed by JavaScript experts. It will help you to comprehensively learn about JavaScript technology, as well as it will allow you to assess your programming skills and prove your competences.

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world and it is a highly desirable skill among IT professionals.


Target Audience

The certification exam requires more advanced JavaScript skills. However the certification program is addressed to all programmers and web developers. Both those who know well JavaScript and those who want to learn and improve their skills in the field of this technology are welcome.



The exam questions cover all the most important issues of JavaScript Core and Client-Side JavaScript. An assessed candidate should demonstrate adequate knowledge of the following areas:

  • General principles of programming,
  • JavaScript Fundamentals: Syntax, Keywords, Data Types, Control Structures, Expressions and Operators
  • Numbers, Strings, Arrays, Indexed Collections,
  • Functions,
  • Objects, Prototype based Object Oriented Programming, Classes,
  • JavaScript in Web browser, DOM, Browser environment, Events, JavaScript Web APIs.

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Certified JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Certification


The Certified JavaScript Developer certificate confirms and documents that individual has advanced knowledge and skills about the JavaScript technology.

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Benefits of JavaScript Certification

Through certification you will have motivation to learn, so you will improve your skills in the JavaScript technology more quickly.

You will certainly gain industry recognition and boost your chances for a better job and higher wages.



The certification exam is available online. You can take it from Monday to Saturday. It is fully monitored using a video call by the JavaScript Institute proctor, to ensure the credibility of the assessment.


Exam details

Exam name: Certified JavaScript Developer
Exam code: CJSD
Number of questions: 70 randomly generated
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing score: 70%
Language: English
Exam version 1
JavaScript version JavaScript 2020, HTML 5.1
Question types 1. Multiple choice – only one answer is correct (radio buttons inputs).
2. Multiple choice – one or more answers are correct (checkboxes inputs).
3. Free text – open answer (text input). Short answer is expected, you do not need to write large code blocks. The rarest type.
Way of assessing Total score is based on the number of questions answered correctly. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers.
The exam price €79


How to prepare for JavaScript certification exam

  • Read the syllabus, which lists in detail what topics are required for the exam,
  • Read some of the recommended learning resources,
  • Learn from our JavaScript Tutorial. Pay attention to examples. Do your own experiments, write your own code. Check how the functions, objects and other features of the JavaScript language described here work in practice,
  • Solve JavaScript Quiz.


Get certified in 5 steps

  1. First familiarize yourself with the exam requirements, then prepare for the exam,
  2. Buy your exam voucher (It is valid for 12 months),
  3. Register on Assessment Platform,
  4. Schedule your exam date. Contact us directly on and suggest some days and hours,
  5. In the end take the exam.


Opinions on JavaScript Certification program offered by the International JavaScript Institute

Tyler, USA, August 2022,

Thank you so much! Been doing JavaScript since 2006, and in June I got
another certification (…), and I’m just
fascinated that there’s a JavaScript Institute! Every time I hear
something about JavaScript, it always catches my attention; I would
say it’s one of the most useful things in programming, and if you want
someone who is not a programmer to be a programmer, JavaScript is a
better place to stop than C or its direct descendents. JavaScript
Thuy, Vietnam, June 2022,

I’m studying for your certificate again in 6 months.

If to evaluate the lesson for candidates to prepare for the exam, I will rate 3.5/5 stars because the lesson has not been deep into some topics. Like the last time I took the exam, I met a lot of questions about prototypes, but in your lesson, you only talked about this topic.

But anyway, thanks for providing good, useful JS content, that boosted my js level a bit.

Hitesh, India, November 2021,

1. Overall the study material was good , I will rate 6 out of 10, It should be a little bit more declarative.
2. The online Exam was also good. I will rate 8 out of 10.
3. Questions were related to the syllabus .
4. The time was not sufficient for the Exam, the answers were lengthy so I could not finish the Exam on time.
Calvin, Netherlands, October 2021,

My first attempt I find difficult because I didn’t know what to expect. There is not much example material available besides the 10 questions quiz.
There are some questions with many code snippets and you need to scroll, takes time to compare.
Many questions are actually multiple questions combined in one. It is not sure whether you can get partial points if you answered some sub questions right.

Ernests, Latvia, April 2021,

Overall I feel the quality of the exam was fine. (…) The amount of questions with multiple correct answers was just staggering.
My head was throbbing around the 50 min mark. It was a bit too much to evaluate each offered option. I would prefer more questions but with only one correct answer.
Henry, USA, April 2021,

I mostly learned from,, and the MDN docs. The syllabus on the JSI site was useful for identifying areas I hadn’t done much in and I ended up learning more because of it.
I like how the exam was conducted. Generally I felt they were good questions and I appreciate the challenge of them. Some were worded in a way that I found a bit confusing. It would be nice to be able to see which questions I got wrong to help with my continued learning.
Mark, USA, March 2021,

(…) 3. I like it, the proctor is very respecting and polite, and the process was very smooth.
4. The exam questions were really good! Probably the best part of the exam.
5. The main qualm I have with this certification exam is that after you complete your exam, it does not give you a list of the questions you got incorrect. (…)
Tinu, United Kingdom, February 2021,

Thank you JavaScript Institute Team. Overall it was a great experience in getting certified. (…)
Material is really good, but definitely there is an opportunity to correct some spelling mistakes and minor errors. (…)
It is top class. It is a good idea to do an id check to ensure the identity to avoid fraud and credibility of the exam.
(…) It is really good and exam levels are also good. (…)
Alejandro, Mexico, August 2020,

I really did not find any problems whatsoever.
Instructions were very clear, and I understood everything I had to do beforehand.
Proctor was very professional too.
Overall a very smooth process. No complaints.
Cristian, Romania, July 2020,

That I can confirm. By far the hardest javascript quiz I’ve seen.
Ludwin, Canada, May 2020,

Now, I have no doubt about the integrity of the questions and their answers. In fact, they are one of the most challenging sets of questionnaires I’ve tried. (…)
I won’t even bother to contest the result of my exam. (…) I’ve gained a lot during the review process, enough for me to say I’m a professional JavaScript developer.
(…) I really like your questionnaires, it’s comprehensive and really tests the core concepts of JavaScript.