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Learn JavaScript and improve your professional skills. The Institute has prepared general guidelines for what to learn in order to prepare for the certification exam. We provide you comprehensive JavaScript Tutorial, which covers all essential topics of JavaScript. You can test your knowledge by solving the JavaScript Quiz.



The Institute offers you JavaScript Certification program. We provides you materials to prepare for the certification. You can take the supervisored JavaScript exam online. This is a great opportunity to prove your skills and to become the Certified JavaScript Developer.



JavaScript Certification gives you a lot of benefits. You will learn new technologies and extend the range of your skills. It will help you to develop your career and to provide greater job opportunities. Join to group of individuals with proved knowledge of JavaScript.

Who is behind JavaScript?

Mozilla Foundation – is engaged in the development of JavaScript. The organization is the successor of Netscape Navigator browser for the use in which JavaScript was initially designed. Co-founder of Mozilla Foundation is Brendan Eich – creator of JavaScript.

ECMA International – standards organization that designed standarised specification of JavaScript called ECMAScript.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  – standardizes the DOM interfaces for manipulating Web pages that are not part of the ECMAScript standard.