Reliable and Recognized JavaScript Certification Online #


The exam is available worldwide online. You can take it from your home or office from Monday to Saturday. It is designed for developers who possess a high level of JavaScript knowledge. Taking a course is not required.
The exam is carried out online and it is fully monitored by International JavaScript Institute proctor.
The candidate must have a permanent Internet connection and must provide a permanent, good quality video connection with International JavaScript Institute proctor. Read more about video connection during the exam.

Details of video call (video call addresses) will be emailed to candidate when date and time of the exam is agreed.

On the day of the exam the candidate is asked to establish a video call with International JavaScript Institute proctor about 5 minutes before a scheduled exam time.  When video connection is established correctly, the proctor enables the exam and you will be able to start the test.


  • The candidate should solve the exam itself without a help of others.
  • It is not allowed to look for solutions on the Internet.
  • There are not allowed attempts to execute an exam code.
  • It is not permitted leaving the exam application during the test and switch to other websites or applications.
  • During the exam there should be a permanent video and audio connection, camera should show the candidate the computer screen on which test is carried out and his desk. Also audio should be switched on.
  • During the exam candidate can use only one computer (with only one monitor), a pen and blank sheet of paper. It is not allowed to use an additional computer, a smartphone, an additional monitor, earphones, books, written paper, etc.

In case of any abuse, International JavaScript Institute reserves the right to early termination of the exam.

We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the most reliable browsers for running our assessment


To start the exam login to, then click button Proceed to the assessment.
When IJSI proctor enable your test, you will be able to enter the voucher code and start the test.

Test results will be received directly when the exam is finished.


If you fail the exam, you can take the first resit at a time convenient for you. Each subsequent attempt may be made after a 1-month break.

Absence from exam

We reserve the right to consider the exam as taken if the user repeatedly fails to take it at the agreed date.